Response to “Same Love”

Let me begin by saying that I had never heard this song before this week. Also, I did not watch the Grammy’s. However, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were going crazy with comments about this one performance that took place at the Grammy’s. So, I looked it up on YouTube and what I saw caused me much pain and sadness.

I want to be clear: my sadness was not because of what was said or done, although I do oppose the views that were put forth and demonstrated at the event. My sadness was in the fact that the guy who was singing completely misrepresented Christianity as a whole. There were obviously lyrics of the song that were not true. For instance, we do not all worship the same God, and the book that was written over thirty-five hundred years ago is the Word of God, who never changes or alters so it is just as relevant and true today as it was when it was written (which by the way, was 3,500ish to 1,950ish years ago).

But I do not want to focus on that. Because what breaks my heart is that this songwriter views Christians through a lens of what I believe to be the minority of Christians. I know exactly who he is talking about. He is talking about the people who stand in picket lines with signs that say “God hates fags.” He is talking about the people who mistreat and attack homosexuals, claiming their faith gives them the right to do so. He is talking about the people who have nothing but judgments to throw at them.

I want him and everyone to know that I feel the same way that he does about people who do those things. I oppose homosexuality because the Bible tells me it is sin. In the same way, I oppose every sin because the Bible is clear that sin is sin no matter what it is. I will not let the culture determine how I view the truths of God’s Word. I will practice tolerance, however. That means I will tolerate the fact that not everyone is going to believe like I do, but I will not accept their beliefs. I stand on God’s Word alone.

Having said that, the church is called to love all people (i.e., not “accept”…but love). We have to show the love of Christ to all. So let’s not be like the one’s that this guy sang about. Instead, let’s show the love of Christ to all people and pray that God will bring them to repentance just like He did for us.

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